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Stephanie- Stylist Spotlight

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Jackie Renee Salon:What is Prêt-á-powder?

Stephanie Santos: It is a dry shampoo, style extender, and volumizer all in one product.  Its a ultra-fine, light weight powder that contains oat flour, silica, and clay.  The clay and silica help with the “dry cleaning” and the starches and oat flour help to create volume.

JRS: Why do you like prêt-á-powder?

SS: Besides the small fact that its awesome, Prêt [affectionately nick named by Steph] is a product for everyone.

JRS: When you say it’s for everyone, what do you mean?

SS: It doesn’t matter what texture or density you have, Prêt works on all textures in a few ways.  It’s a style extender, dry shampoo and it supports volume- especially with backcombing [teasing].

JRS: How do you use it?


  • Style extender, to extend the style you want to use Prêt before you need it.  That means apply it immediately after your first blow dry, you want to think of it like deodorant, use it before you need it.  The cool thing about it is that when you've got Prêt already in your hair the minute you get oily or the humidity starts up, Prêt is already working.  It is there to absorb moisture and oil.
  • Dry Shampooing- So, yeah, day two or three or four….  you can just shake it in at the root, concentrating on the oily part, make sure you have a shine brush! That’s the key, you need to brush your hair first with the shine brush… the shine brush is really important because it helps distribute the oil evenly and when the Prêt is activated by the oil it will actually give you a nice amount of volume even though you were just oily and flat a few seconds ago.
  • Supporting volume in your style: Ok, so you’ve either already started with using Prêt-a-powder as the style  extender or as a dry shampoo, pretty much all you are going to do is tease it up! I like both a nice  rat tail comb or a three row teasing brush, but it depends on how much teasing you need.  The three row teasing brush really is awesome for every day, and the comb is more for a “secure” style, like an updo.

JRS: OK, Steph, you've talked about what it can do and how and when to use it, but is this really a product a must have for my style regimen?

SS: Absolutely! I use Prêt a lot in a week.  I keep the mini in my purse to freshen up when I'm out, the big one in my bathroom and I use it daily.  I probably shampoo my hair 2 times a week at most. I feel better about my hair after i put it in, When it is just freshly shampooed its too flat and too shiny when I let my hair air-dry.

JRS: Can i use this with other products? Which ones?         

SS: Absolutely! My favorite combo is Semi Sumo and Prêt-á–powder together.  Use the Semi        Sumo first and then the Prêt on top of that. Those together give you incredible body and volume.  Its also a great combo if you are trying to not shampoo a lot.  They work amazingly well together! 


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