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NEXT DYOD: Friday, March 1st, 2019!


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Check out the FB event here!   You can RSVP and see our event and discussion. Tips and tricks to help you out!

What is the DYOD?

Have you ever said to your hair dresser...

"I just want to take you home with me!"  

"I can never style my hair as good as you!"

"You can be at my house at 5am each morning to do this for me, right?"


Chances are you have. 

Heck, sometimes we even say it to each other after we have our own hair done!  It's not easy knowing what to choose and how to use it OR knowing how to hold the brush AND the blowdryer at the same time! 


"These are not compliments!"


The truth is that too many stylists take these statements as compliments.   When, in fact, it is actually not.  To us, this is a major sign that something has gone wrong during your appointment.  We believe strongly in what we affectionately call "Chair Education".  This is where and when we take time to explain what we are doing, what we are using... why we chose that for your hair and how you can do this at home for yourself so your blow out looks just as good as when we do it!

Chair Education - When your stylist really teaches you how to recreate your perfect hairstyle!

The DYOD is a premier blow-dry and styling class, for you, the client!  It is focused on helping you to recreate the perfect style at home!  We open the doors at 6pm but you can come as late at 7:30 to get a style lesson!

We will welcome you into our judgement free zone.  Just bring your tools (blowdryer, flat irons, curling irons, wands, brushes, and clips) and your styling products with you!  We will show you the best way to care for your tools and how to cocktail and layer your hair products.  You will leave with better techniques and ideas on how to choose your haircare products!  


The event is totally free!  Because  of this we recommend getting in as early as possible!


There are no rules other than you have to Do Your Own 'Do... We coach and support you in your technique and product choices.  We do not question any of your products that you will bring in.  We like to make sure you know how to use them and that they are the right thing for your hair type.  Sometimes they are and sometimes they aren't!


Check out some of our past DYOD's! 

DYOD - A Premier   Styling Class

Welcome, I am super excited that you are interested in our blow dry event!  It's truly a pleasure to host the DYOD for  you!  I believe there is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting up the people around us.  I do my best to live this every day with my team and I am excited to pass this on to you, too!  The beauty industry is so much more than just a superficial exterior.  We do what we do because we make others feel better about themselves on the inside.