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From frustrated…. to fabulous

Keratin Flash Sale with Haircut

From frustrated… To fabulous! Discover the first customizable long-lasting keratin smoothing service. Hair smooth like silk for up to 5 months!

Did you know that 60% of people report having unruly hair*... 

From wavy to curly, to unmanageable and frizzy and everything in-between... each hair type requires a different treatment for the unique symptoms each curl can provide.

No two curls are the same! From nape to hairline curls vary in shape, texture, volume and frizz level!  And they all require special consideration from cutting, to styling... to smoothing!

Goldwell's Kerasilk is like no other keratin treatment you've ever experienced.  It's completely customizable (the first of its kind) to suit all curl types!

Kerasilk keratin smoothing treatment is completely customizable! You choose your wave reduction and frizz control.

If you haven't tried a smoothing treatment yet but you have been:

  • Praying to the God's of Frizz & Curl

  • Making your week 97% dry shampoo (and thinking about owning stock for it) 

  • Made the weather channel your home page (you know, to make sure it's safe to exit the climate controlled environment...) 

Then you're missing out!  

You could cut down your dry and style time by 50% allowing more time to sleep, get your cat eye perfect or just hit the gym without worry about controlling the beast (we meant your hair)!  Or air dry frizz free and even eliminate the need for a flat iron!

Keratin Flash Sale with Haircut

My hair defies gravity

What you will experience:

  1. We will take some incredible before photos of your hair!  We always ask for permission to use them on our social media channels :D 

  2. An Energizing scalp therapy shampoo, it's our own house formulation of niacin, caffeine, witch hazel and salicylic acid  to support your scalp health.

  3. Purifying wash (also our formulation) for detoxifying and cleansing your hair from within.

  4. We towel dry your hair thoroughly, detangle and get sectioning.  Your formula (or formulas)  are prepared and dispensed. We begin the application of your customized formula and let the absorption process begin.   

  5. We start the bonding process of the Kerasilk (keratin and silk) by blow drying your hair 100% .

  6. We take micro-fine sections and flatiron with heat between 350 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

  7. As counter intuitive as it may seem or sound, we then shampoo you after the flat ironing is done.  This lets us remove the excess keratin from your hair (not all of it will bond and it doesn't need to hang around).  We then apply a sealing serum to reduce odor and seal in the keratin for up to 5 months!

  8. We blow dry it as you like!  We usually set a timer to see how long it takes us to get your hair perfectly dry and smooth!  (Most often the dry time is cut in half!) Or if you want to try it you can!  You are free to curl, clip, and crimp as you see fit!  There is NO wait time to shampoo again!

Keratin Flash Sale with Haircut


Check out what Gina had to say about the Kerasilk. Our client love it so much they are making memes in all the spare time they now have since they aren’t fussing with their hair.
I finally pulled the trigger and got a Kerasilk treatment. Let me say, it is worth every penny. My hair is normally a weird kind-of-curly-wavy puff ball with enough frizz to get lost in.  Normally I would spend 45 minutes blow drying, straightening...re-straightening and smoothing hairspray through my hair to get it straight...until it hit humidity and it was all over. Now? I’m done in 20 - MAX!  I work as a nurse aide and regularly spend time in steamy bathrooms while patients are showering. Before, I would come out of the bathrooms and my hair would be a frizzy, HOT mess. Now, it looks exactly the same as when I went in.  Don’t get me wrong, my hair still waves a little in humidity, but there is a SIGNIFICANT difference in how manageable it is. My hair is stays straight, is smooth, shiny and I literally have people coming up to me wanting to touch my hair because it looks so good.  For the first time ever, I actually love everything about my hair. Thank you Jackie!

Check out what Gina had to say HERE. Our clients love it so much they make memes about it in all the spare time they now have (since they aren’t fussing with their hair)!

Keratin Flash Sale with Haircut

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Mozella found Kerasilk after a relaxer experience gone bad! Check out Mozella's review here!

Mozella found Kerasilk after a relaxer experience gone bad! Check out Mozella's review here!

Keratin Flash Sale with Haircut


Christy was super afraid that the kerasilk was going to effect her vivid fashion shade.  It definitely did not!  She can be found swishing her hair in all her free time (the time not spent blowing out and smoothing her hair)! 

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What kind of hair (or rather who) is the Kerasilk for?

  • Kerasilk is for anyone that has hair... No seriously though, it is for any one that has a combination of unmanageable wave, curl or frizz.  

How young can you be to get this smoothing treatment?

  • We have had girls as young as 12 come in and get the service.  We don't recommend younger than 12.  The process can take up to 3 hours and and requires a good bit of sitting. 

Is there an odor or formaldehyde?

  • Kerasilk has a pleasant fragrance.  It is formaldehyde free so no need to wear masks or keep your eyes closed.  We do several in a day and  do not "feel" anything.  We can breath and see perfectly fine!  :D

How long do I have to wait to wash my hair?

  • There is zero wait time!  We will actually wash your hair same day right after the treatment as part of the finishing process!  It is highly recommended that you use a Keratin support shampoo and conditioner!  Just ask us, we have the right stuff! 

Can I pull my hair back when I work out?

  • You can clip, crimp, and curl your hair any way you want!  There is no need to wait to wash or be hesitant to tie your hair back.  The reason for the wait time is that other smoothing services require an extended "bonding" time to help keep the hair smooth and straight and flat... This is not the case with Kerasilk.  As soon as we flat iron were are done!  We apply a serum (probably unicorn 🦄tears and other magical ingredients 🧙🏽‍♂️) to seal in and finish the smoothing service.

Will I lose my curls?

  • We have the ability to customize the control of the curl and frizz in your hair. Even with the most gentle formula from the Kerasilk control we can see some alteration of curl pattern.  If you are not super keen on any reduction of curl pattern then ask about our Kerasilk Defrizz service, that may be a better option for you!

How soon can I get this done again?

  • You can get this done every few months if you'd like!   We do notice a difference in the hair for about 5 months before the keratin bond starts to dissolve.  We have clients that get it every 3 months and some that only get it one time a year.  As long as you are doing minimal to your hair you could get this done 3-4 times a year. 

Will this effect my color?

  • In short, the answer is yes. You are adding another layer of keratin to the outside and inside the hair. This will most definitely effect the lightening process and during future bonding services and it could displace and fade some of your color at the time of the service.  You will be limited to certain types of color while the keratin bond is in place. Just ask us or email for more details! Message us directly on Facebook, click HERE

When should I do my color?

  • Color can be done the same day as your Kerasilk!  We recommend doing any color services AFTER the treatment because you can experience some displacement of color when the Kerasilk bonding takes place.  When you get your color done the same day we often experience another form of bonding... It's the BFF bond... and sometimes it takes place over lunch (or dinner). 

Keratin Flash Sale with Haircut

Kerasilk Defrizz

Defrizz .JPG

Defrizz is a service that is part of the Kerasilk family.  It's more for smoothing out the cuticle layer... Think of Kerasilk smoothing like Spanx for your hair and Kerasilk Defrizz like control top panty hose... They both kinda hold you in... but one makes you look a lot skinnier :D  Same for the hair.  

The Defrizz service lasts 6 weeks, takes about one hour to do and is perfect if you want to eliminate frizz only and NOT reduce the bulk or volume of your hair.  

Keratin Flash Sale with Haircut

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Don't just take our word for it!  
Hear what Samantha Vay has to say about Goldwell's Kerasilk treatment.
Even a 6 month update!  See what happened after 6 months!


We are so confident that you will love your hair, if you aren’t happy we offer a money back guarantee.


For a very limited time you can grab this smoothing treatment for 199 and that includes a haircut and style!

Keratin Flash Sale with Haircut