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October & NOvember Salon Specials


Balayage Offer

  • Balayage/foil

  • color-melt

  • olaplex

Regularly $65 - $115

Semester refresher

We see you, running round… All day, every day. You’re pretty much Super Woman. Groceries, dinner, kid activities, cleaning, laundry… Bet your cape is at the dry cleaner’s, probably your very next stop 🦸🏼‍♀️

Your super power is stretching that min, hour and day!

How about you recharge your batteries with our Power Hour?!

  • 10 min stress reducing scalp massage

  • A luxury hair treatment, choose form shine, volume, or repair!

  • A haircut (or a trim)

  • Go-Out Blow-Out

Regularly $83

Fall Hair (and scalp) health

30% off all Hair health treatments

  • Olaplex

  • Induldge

  • Repower

  • reconstruct

  • KEratin replenisher

  • Energize (THE scalp treatment)

  • Clarify

    Regularly 60


Keep an eye out for a massive Holiday sale! Starting black Friday!