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The Reality of the Pinterest Pic

Have you ever fell into Pinterest so hard (and let's be honest, that is what you do), that you wish you had Timmy and Lassie to fetch you help to get the heck outta the well of over-photoshopped and unrealistic-life-expectations that is the norm of Pinterest?

From the super-clean and brightly-colored living space that Chip and Joanna probably had Pier One vomit all over, to the children's play areas that is immaculate and pristine and show absolutely no sign of life...let alone a tiny-destructive-messy human life.

I have... 

It all starts with a search... you start at a new chicken recipe and some how you're looking at planning a dirty thirty in Barbados... and you're already 35...  Oh, and you're now a party planner pro for dirty 30's..

Pinterest expectations.png

As a stylist, I really do love the Pinterest pics.   An over photoshopped image has never bothered me.  The things we can do with color these days are seemingly endless.  After all what better explanation of a desired out come can you ask for from a client?  When words fail, there's always Pinterest.  Save away and show us what you want (and what you don't want, which consequently is usually more helpful)!  But keep in mind these three things when searching for your new 'do.

The top 3 things to consider when looking at inspiration images


1.  Photography Lighting:  In all of the images (on the girls and their fab color) there are a multitude of lighting scenarios.   The top right image has a very blue light, mimicking the sun.  Everything in this lighting is going to look more ash, more blue... Just like it would if you were outside.  The one below her is a very soft yellow light, it's softness makes the skin look glow-y and the hair appear warmer.  It is great for hiding blemishes and gives a romantic feeling.  It makes her color look very different than it would in a blue light, her hair would probably look very white in a blue light. Here she looks very yellow or buttery. 

An example from https://photogear.co.nz/youtube-pro-ring-light-w-tripod-kit.html on how the lighting changes the subject.

An example from https://photogear.co.nz/youtube-pro-ring-light-w-tripod-kit.html on how the lighting changes the subject.

2. Deceptive Depth:  Check this guy out... ;)  The lighting is so important here as well!  Most salons are equipped with a ring light (typically LED) these days, so it is important to know how that effects the "after photo".  Look at how much darker and how much contrast has come out in his hair and facial features.  Same guy, same day, one with no extra special lighting and the others are in different types of ring lights.  Sometimes when we perceive that the hair as dark in the images what we are really seeing is light-play that causes shadowing at the scalp and root area.  This means that we don't always need to do a root shade, shadow root or even use color at your root to darken or deepen your base.   The reality is, a root shade, shadow root or base color during your highlight appointment can wreak havoc on your future blonding endeavors.  Lifting through dark color is not easy. 

3.  What did they really start with?  Some of these final images don't even show a before!  What that means is most likely some of these transformations could have been done a an entire head of virgin hair (hair that has never seen color at all).  But they don't always disclose that.  There is nothing worse than looking and an image only to find out that you need 3 or 4 sessions with a hairdresser because you have been pulling box color through your hair for years.   These are corrective color situations and can cost A LOT of time and money!  

VIrtual Consultations are awesome!

What does this mean for you?  Well, hopefully this has shed some light on what to look for and how to think about the inspo pics you're filing away.  In my honest opinion,  most hairstylists shouldn't care if you are showing them a wig or a photoshopped peacock as color inspiration, because as humans we can find inspiration all around us and we like what we like... 

Don't be afraid to bring in a ton of inspiration photos.  They really do help!  And when you just cannot decide you can send us a message us on facebook here > Jackie Renee Salon and we can do our cool virtual consult with you.  Its our thing.  And we have it down to a science.  It's fun. It's free and it's 99.9% accurate for timing and price (unless we need to see you for a strand test- different post and different topic soon to come).


Send us a  message  and get your consult rolling!    

Send us a message and get your consult rolling! 


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