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Two things to take with you to your new stylist!


Do you dread the very first visit to a hairdresser?

Visiting a new hairdresser for the first time can be nerve wracking. It totally doesn’t have to be!

Visiting a new hairdresser for the first time can be nerve wracking.

Today I finished a haircut on a client that i’ve seen for the 3rd time. They say third times a charm, and I can tell you that is most definitely the case with a salon visit. Lynn was looking for a bob. It’s sort of what I (Jackie) do. She came in her first visit and explained with her hands what she was looking for. I was certain I knew she wanted a stacked bob, but in the same breath she was hesitant about layer and losing length. We compromised and I cut her hair in a bob, she liked it. Her next cut was better… But THIS cut… The 3rd cut… That was the bomb dot com for her!

We stacked her, in fact. We cut off all that length that I was nervous to cut off in the first visit! We even used a razor! She LOVED it!

What was different about this time?

Now don’t think I mean that the first visit will be chaotic, because that isn’t the case at all. We are trained to streamline our consultations to just a few minutes and the best way to do that is to use visual aids. (Not everyone speaks the same language- and definitely hair vocab is not regulated).

Lynn had a picture. It said all the things I needed to hear!

The two things to take to any hairdresser for your first visit!

#1 Pictures

She had two pictures actually. One of what she liked. One of what she feared! I cannot stress enough how helpful a photo of what you don’t want is. I would rather look at 900 images of what you don’t want (and not do that to you) then have no images or just one that you’re semi iffy on.

Pictures bridge the gap between you and a hairdresser! Always come with a Pinterest board! And if you haven’t got one most salons have an tablet or your stylist has a phone near by so ask them for visuals!

#2 Time

Come with some time to spend. In my salon we are sensitive to the time you have carved out for your beauty services either in the salon that day or in the maintenance, but please for your first visit be prepared to spend a bit more time. Ask questions and suggestions.

There is nothing more frustrating than to discover the look you want requires maintenance every 4 weeks when you’re just wanting in every 8.

A few more bonus tips for the salon visit… When you are new find out the salon’s policy for redos and/or adjustments. Here at JRS we have a happy client guarantee, just let us know before 7 -10 days and we are happy to welcome you back in for a complimentary adjustment.

I hope this was helpful! If there is a question you’re dying to know the answer to or need advice on something (even if you aren’t a client of the shop) just reach out! Direct message us on fb m.me/jackiereneesalon or email Jackie at Jackie@jackierenee.com