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April & May Salon Specials

Halo Highlight thumb.png

Halo Highlights $99

This is perfect for you to add in some dimension for the spring and get a jump on summer.

  • Face Framing Halo Highlights

  • Deep conditioning shine treatment

  • Glazing in your desired shade

  • 5 min stress reducing scalp massage

  • Haircut (or trim)

  • Go-Out Blow-Out

Regularly $138

Mothers Day Package.png

Too Glam to Give a Damn $69

Mamma, you really are the best. You work so hard to take care of everyone else…

Now it’s your turn! You cannot fill from an empty cup…

Fill YOUR cup!

  • 10 min stress reducing scalp massage

  • A glam glossing and shine treatment.

  • A haircut (or a trim)

  • Go-Out Blow-Out

Regularly $93

Glitter strands.png

Glitter Strands $119

Do those shiny strands of “glitter” got you grabbing for your hat?

No more! Try our Glitter Strands Package and toss that hat for good!

  • Excellent root coverage

  • End refresher

  • 5 min scalp massage

  • Hair cut (or a trim)

  • Go-Out Blow-Out

Regularly $140